Monday, July 5, 2010

The Department of Sound is now closed

The Department of Sound has closed and moved to a new domain:

There you can find the same tracks, mixtapes and chillaxatives.

Thank You.

Digital Millenium Copyright.... Whatever

     Just wanted to let you guys know....

     Times are changing, music is changing, the internet is changing, but the music industry is remaining
static. By this, I mean the battle between copyright advocates and pirates is still in full swing, and music blogs such as this one are being targeted for copyright infringement. I've been reprimanded by Blogger / Google several times for uploading copyrighted material for you to download. Because of this, I've been strong-armed into posting only YouTube videos and links. However, the plan is to continue releasing mixtapes with my favorite songs, and in the next couple months, have my own independently hosted website. In the meantime, continue listening to these tunes, tell your friends, download the mixtapes, and wait for the real site.

For more information: Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Here's a little piece of ear candy to dig; a bonus track off of Eminem's Recovery.
Eminem feat. Slaughterhouse: Session One

Airborne Angel

This is one of the best trance songs I've heard in a long time:

Aviate: Airborne Angel


This is a chill tune by rapper Braille. Check it out.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rusko: My Mouth

This is a sweet dance track from dubstep producer Rusko. Fits in perfectly to any dance set that's rockin' around 140 bpm (for you dj's out there).


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New B.O.B. Track: She Can Get It

This is a pretty new leak from B.O.B. It sounds different than the stuff he's got on the radio (nothin on you, airplanes, etc;), but it's still pretty chill actually. This is one of the coolest new artists to hit the mainstream this year. Check this song.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

     I'm sorry. I often hate on contemporary mainstream music, but Iyaz's "Replay" is just so damn catchy. Combine that with the mega-hit "Kids" as remixed by Chiddy Bang, and you have too much catchiness for one song. Listen to this once and you'll be instantly hooked. If you're not, you probably have good taste in music.