Monday, March 29, 2010

Take A Chillaxative: #1

Here's the latest mix, fresh from the press:

A chilled, eclectic mix of some danceable, some soothing sounds for an Oregon rainy day. Or any rainy day.
Holy Fuck: Jungles
Pitch Black: Rude Mechanicals
Massive Attack: Paradise Circus
Dan Deacon: Woof Woof
Cobrastyle: Robyn
M83: Sitting


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  2. said...
    Just a friendly note to let everyone know the "Take a Chillaxative and Chillax" artwork you see on this page was created by Bill Lux and Walt Jaschek, which has a Facebook fan page...

    ...and is available on very cool products.

    Please buy, and here's to a more chillaxed world.