Friday, March 5, 2010

Hyperdub To The Rescue

      Over the years, London-based record label Hyperdub brought some of the best in dubstep from artists such as Benga, Burial and Kode9. Burial's Untrue garnered some of the best reviews of 2008. Joker is the latest from the quiet, enigamtic label.
     He shies away from calling his music garage or grime, yet his music is hard, intense, and some of the best to come out in the past year.
     Joker is only eighteen years old. He's about to embark on his own North American tour (hitting up Portland at the Holoscene, 21+)
     Joker has constantly been in my rotation lately and deserves to be shared. If you're into hard electronic music and / or dubstep, Joker is for you. Check out his highly rated single "Digidesign" from 2009.

In the meantime, hit up these two tracks


As always, support your favorite artists. If you like these tracks, you can buy these and others at sites such as Don't give Apple any more of your money. Buy DRM-free tracks from sites like Amazon and Beatport.Or just buy one of their records, such as the incredible 5:5 years of hyperdub.

If you're interested in more things Dubstep, here's a cool post of some newer music coming out lately.

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